UCT Team win the IBFD Global Tax Treaty Commentary Student Project

5 May 2017 - 18:30

The UCT Student Team comprising Rui Carvalho, Imran Daniels, Michael Dewar and Waleed Sahabodien have won the final round of the IBFD GTTC Student Project after oral presentations by Imran Daniels and Waleed Sahabodien in Amsterdam at the IBFD Headquarters.  The award was made at the end of a full day conference addressing "The Role of Foreign Court Decisions towards Global Convergence in the Interpretation of Tax Treaties" - also the project title.


Following supplied directives the team had to produce a +/-30 page paper on the use by South African courts of foreign case law in tax treaty case law.  They competed against 10 other universities from around the world ending in the finals against the Canadian Team.  

The Award was made shorting before 18:00 at the end of the conference.